Pandemic Adaptations

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world so many lessons, including how to adapt to new circumstances. Adapting and overcoming have been an important theme for our band over the past year, as we have helped each other get through this together.

We are incredibly thankful for technology – and yes, we’re talking about Zoom! Our band’s Zoom nights have been a consistent event that everyone can look forward to. Monday nights are a much-anticipated event for our band; with so many things cancelled or closed, it has been nice to have some normalcy and something to look forward to.

“It has been a refuge and sanctuary from the strange world madness we are experiencing. It is a perfect example of why our band is more than a group of people gathering to play music; it has become a group of friends that love music and want to stick together until this crazy thing is over.

– Gerry Hopfner

As a band, we have made it our mission to make sure we stay connected – no matter the circumstance. “Our Monday night Zoom is a time that we connect with friends, have lots of laughs, conversation, sharing of stories and sometimes tears,” says Deb Watson, Co-Founder of MBJS.

Shall we Zoom?

Each week, we endeavoured to make things as entertaining as possible in trying a different theme or activity. We asked the band what some of the most highlighted moments for them have been and here is what they said:

“The drumming has been an exciting experience (never thought I would attempt to play snare drums!).”
Colleen Crosweller

“Guessing what John is drawing on the shared screen. 20 questions. Murder mystery. Dressing up like a pirate and not leaving your home.”
– Gerry Hopfner

“I found the Question of the Week so enlightening, and I think we all became closer, knowing each other better, even while being distanced. I also liked the scavenger hunt we did last April. My kids came in the car and helped me find the crazy items list. I still notice when I see a yellow sports car or two birds on a wire.”
– Amy Floyd

“I enjoyed… the games and the movie nights.  The scavenger hunt was a hoot, too.”
– Cherilyn Michaels

“I would never have thought I would enjoy being part of a murder mystery while dressed as Al Capone with a fake cigar made from a piece of 1/2 inch wood doweling, counting actual American money on Zoom, but I did. The scavenger hunt last April was fun too. Though at the time, going out seemed scary. I remember racing up Crowchild Trail trying to catch up to the yellow Corvette I needed to take a photo [of].”
– Ihor Kolomijchuk

“Although I had only been playing with the band a few months before COVID hit and we had to stop rehearsals, this band was the ONLY group of friends that I connected with on a consistent basis throughout the past year. Knowing that I had “music” happening every Monday night also kept me motivated to continue practicing and learning despite not playing with other people.”
– Karen Heaton

Even though the past year has had its ups and downs, we have made it work. We have stuck together, regardless of the situation, and it has made the band so much stronger. We want to thank everyone for their willingness to participate in the antics.

MBJS’s ongoing success is dedicated to our members. We would not be the same without the people who are a part of this band. To the future and beyond, we are fortunate to play with these amazing folks.